Monday, March 24, 2008


Good evening everyone,
The circle is discussing a meeting that might take place at the Inland Center mall. The purpose of this meeting is for the clients of Sara to sign with another psychic and get everything back in a rhythm. I am concerned with a couple of cases, I was going over some files that Sara had barely put together. People who started receiving her guidance right before she died. This is a serious matter and needs to be dealt with straight away. I believe she was set to meet with about 4-5 people during the month of November, I know for sure that she met with two of those people. If you are one of the new cases that never had an opportunity to meet with her please contact either I or Jenna Immediately! I will post again when we have a set date for the meeting.
Thank you, and take care!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Sara's Achievements

Hello everyone, I would like to start off saying I'm sorry for not writing any new posts for a long time. It has been so very hectic around here with all of the funerals. Many of us still can't get over the sudden death of Sara (aged 44) and John Freder (aged 57) this past year.
I wanted to go over the many achievements of Sara, she was very modest of these achievements and most people would never know of them.
Sara recognized she had a gift by age 10 when she helped solve a murder in her local town. (Danbury, Connecticut) since then she had worked with her local police station until age 19.
Sara made her way down to Big Bear California, that's where she discovered that she could find a person's soul mate. After introducing over 20 couples she decided to start a business so that people could search her out for love advice. By age 21 Sara had a thriving business and one of her clients ended up being her husband (Jonathan). At age 22, six months after meeting Jonathan, they got married. The wedding took place in Italy. They had been married until death did them part!
In Sara's lifetime she was responsible for 2,188 couples getting married, all of whom are still happily married!
60 cases of missing children Solved
21 homicied cases solved
Sara was rated to be the 2nd best love psychic in the world by the New York Times
She had a very happy marriage of 22 years
4 beautiful children
and left behind a legacy!
She has touch so many lives with her gifts.
I don't believe that anyone could fill her shoes at this time or in the future.
Prayers are always needed! and yes patti, we do believe in God and that our gifts come from him.