Monday, March 24, 2008


Good evening everyone,
The circle is discussing a meeting that might take place at the Inland Center mall. The purpose of this meeting is for the clients of Sara to sign with another psychic and get everything back in a rhythm. I am concerned with a couple of cases, I was going over some files that Sara had barely put together. People who started receiving her guidance right before she died. This is a serious matter and needs to be dealt with straight away. I believe she was set to meet with about 4-5 people during the month of November, I know for sure that she met with two of those people. If you are one of the new cases that never had an opportunity to meet with her please contact either I or Jenna Immediately! I will post again when we have a set date for the meeting.
Thank you, and take care!

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Jason said...

Hi my name is Jason, about five years ago Sara started writing to me. Since I didn't know who she was, I just blew her off. Then she started sending me information about myself that she couldn't possibly know, this made me angry for awhile until I started listening to what she had to say. She told me to marry a certain woman, but I didn't listen and I'm now stuck in a marriage I hate and I'm getting a divorce. I should have listened to Sara because I did meet the woman I was suppose to marry and I'm so much in love with her, but now she is engaged and moving to new york. I'm sorry sara, I see now that you were truley looking out for me. No body make the same mistake I did, take what Sara told each of you to heart. She is afterall the match maker :( RIP Sara